Sunday, May 20, 2012

Exclusively yours

A while back, I thought it would be nice to include some handmade gift cards with my items.

I figure - whether someone is ordering a gift, or they are getting something nice for themselves, its always so satisfying to find it it wrapped up nicely, with a thoughtful card, just for you.  Everybody deserves a present, now and again!  :)

So, I contacted Rachel from PaperBeau, which is a handmade paper studio in the UK.  We're both one woman bands - so to speak - so I was happy to patronize her shop.  I love to support my fellow Etsy shop owners, especially single artisan shops run by one person - like myself.  Call it biased, but there's certainly a feeling of camaraderie amongst us Etsyans.

To my pleasant surprise, Rachel made these ADORABLE owl cards for me on lilac, coral and carnation pink paper - and they turned out even more adorable than I imagined.  The purple has flecks of silver leaf in it, the pink is slightly distressed and has speckles of white and color, and the coral is well-textured with bits of white fiber throughout.

I now proudly give each and every order from my shop one of these super cute owl cards.  Designed just for Beach Plum Cottage by PaperBeau.  Just another way for me to say, "Thanks for buying handmade"  Honestly, from the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU!

Supporting handmade artisans is a lot harder than just going to your local Target or shopping mall.  By buying handmade, you're not only giving a gift that was made WITH care, but to the artisans that you support, you are saying "I care!"

The time and love put into making, giving and owning handmade products... it's worth it, I promise!


  1. Love the card too cute! I agree I too like to buy from other Etsy shops more so if they are solely operated. And everyone does like a gift every so often!

    1. Thanks, Kindred! :)

      I love buying from other Etsy shops - especially teammates. I love the feeling I get from supporting my fellow artists and artisans!

  2. Hi! Found your blog though the Etsy Contest team, love the owl cards! I have just started a blog and want to help promote other Etsy shops and handmade artisans. Would love you to come by and visit.

  3. Hi BPC,

    Thank you for buying the cards from me, I am appalled at myself for how long it's taken me to find your blog, shame shame!

    I miss those little owls, I'm going to have to make more, or something equally as cute, into a silk screen so I can get it again and again!

    Paper Beau